updated or revised APR. 24, 2014:

April 24, 2014: m-i-n-a.org website closing announcement.

m-i-n-a.org was originally established in 1997 to join as a common voice to correct the inequities being imposed upon the metric fastener importers and distributors by the Fastener Quality Act, and persisted until the final rule was published in 1999.
m-i-n-a.org continued to function through the corrections and modifications to the original 1999 rule which were last updated in 2008.
Since there has been no signiicant FQA99 activity for the the last 4 years, it is now time to close the website.

We have created a .zip file of the final published version of the m-i-n-a.org website
which may still be downloaded here.

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Note: FQA 99 = The Fastener Quality Act (FQA), Public Law 101-592, was signed by President George H. W. Bush on November 16, 1990.
Since its enactment the FQA has been amended three times (Pub L. 104-113, Pub L. 105-234, and
Pub L. 106-34) to further clarify and define the requirements of the original Act.